About Us

We are a Global 360 digital solutions company. We offer a full spectrum of digital services to help brands achieve their goals. From strategy creation, campaign execution, optimization, straight through to end of campaign analysis.

We believe in developing a custom digital solutions for each and every one of our clients.

Programmatic technology and content drive our strategy. Creative solutions and customer service are our brands story and what sets us apart.


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What We Do

  • Development of Custom Online Strategy
  • KPI and Acquisition Benchmarking
  • Agnostic Programmatic Platform Media Buying
  • Social Content Generation & Influencer Marketing
  • Social Marketing: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snap Chat, WeChat, Native,
  • Google Search solutions
  • Creative Development / Rich Media Ad units / Landing pages

Why We Do It

You could ask 100 ad tech firms like ours to describe themselves and, almost assuredly, they will tell you that ad tech stack, data and algorithms are what make them unique.  We feel confident in our ad tech, algorithms and proven partnerships that we leverage. We are good at what we do, and we believe that no one can outclass us in this online advertising space. What separates us from our competitors is the client service that we provide: a commitment to meaningful partnerships with clients where we treat transparency, training, and hands-on, results-driven work as our number one priority.

What makes Media Nation unique is our belief on the vital importance of human touch in the digital ad space.  A good team of people run a good digital campaign, not ad tech.

Our Platforms

Imagine you shopped at the same store everyday for all your needs. Not all stores carry all products. If that store did not have a particular product then you would never know that it even existed. Using one platform to book all your brands digital marketing is no different than shopping at one store and thinking there is no other products for your brand. Every platform has a specialty, which is why Media Nation employs a platform agnostic approach to your digital marketing campaigns. We are not bound to any one partnership with one platform, we use the platform that offers the best performance for your brand and your ROAS. We don’t care if that’s DV 360, Amazon, Appnexus, Verizon, Adara or any other. Time and time again, an agnostic approach outperforms a 1 model approach. Give us a test and we will show you why.

YOCTO Media Group Logo
Yocto Media

Comprehensive Platform Agnostic Programmatic RTB solution. We work across several of the largest publishers and DSP's targeting any user across any demographic and platform-desktop, mobile, tablet to give you the best results.

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Sheblogs Canada is a lifestyle site for women that inspires conversations around shared interests in beauty & fashion, entertainment, food, health.

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Craft Media

A unique blend of strategy and creative combined with several media properties we own and represent along with our proprietary network of sties with data and technology.

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Crowdsocial is the best way to harness the power of a Canadian community to test your products.

Momstown Logo

Momstown is a leading national parenting community connecting Canadian moms – with each other and with the brands they use each and every day.